What's the deal with UTILIVAC?

Clean air-vacuum excavation technology.

Our groundbreaking technology uses a standard compressor to produce a powerful 850 cfm vacuum and develop an incredible 22” Hg vacuum at its 4” inlet.


Our unique air knife generates powerful shock waves to loosen soil, clay, and hardpan for easy collection with Utilivac’s 4″inlet. Utilivac will vacuum anything from gravel to wet concrete!

Utiliscope Patented Air Kinfe Nozzle with text

Dig with AIR

Utilivac doesn’t use water. Spoils stay loose and dry for easy backfilling. No need to bring dry fill, or haul mud for off-site disposal.



No moving parts, no filters, no rust, no hassles! Rugged aluminum construction makes Utilivac lightweight and hand portable. Just rinse Utilivac with a garden hose as needed and you’re good to go.



You can own 10 Utilivac systems at the price of one traditional air-vacuum truck.

Utiliscope Portable-Option-1


Lightweight and hand portable, Utilivac was designed to work in tight places, where other excavators can’t go.

Utilivac ontop of a roof


Utilivac offers an incredible array of practical uses from locating utilities, to roofing and disaster clean up.


Can a $13,000 machine really replace a $180,000 VacTruck?

A bit of history...

Vacuum excavation has been around for a while, over 40 years in fact. It found early application in buried utility repair and maintenance through small “keyhole” pavement cuts. Most early machines used compressed air to break up soil because it’s safe around utilities and keeps fill dirt dry. Some folks also started using sewer cleaning trucks equipped with high-pressure water for digging. “Hydro-Excavation” is ideal for very large excavations where the cost to bring in clean fill and dispose of mud spoils is outweighed by the large capacity and speed offered by these powerful machines.

But there was a problem: Both Air and Hydro machines were big, heavy, and EXPENSIVE.

Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) and the Mud-Vac

HDD contractors need a vacuum to clean up the drilling mud used in the process. Enter the Mud-Vac. But HDD contractors also need to expose utility lines before drilling, so some contractors added a power washer to their Mud-Vac to make a simple low cost hydro-excavator. For as little as $40,000 a simple trailer mounted mud vacuum and hydro-excavator could be had. Of course clean fill dirt had to be hauled in and spoils hauled away, and limited water supply meant limited dig time. Contactors still needed an air compressor to run a pavement breaker when utilities had to be exposed under roadways.

Enter Utilivac

By the mid-1990s we were a growing utility mapping and vacuum excavation contractor with a big problem; our truck-mounted vacuum excavators couldn’t access many requested dig sites. We needed a truly portable machine. Then the insight: since a compressor is needed to run the air knife, “Why don’t we run the vacuum pump from the compressor as well? That way we can work anywhere we can run compressed air!” The Utilivac concept and Utiliscope Corp. was born. Can a $13,000 machine really replace a $180,000 VacTruck? You bet it can!

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Use Cases by Industry


Site cleanup


Sand Blasting


Vacuuming wet concrete

Bore pit excavation, dewatering, and cuttings removal

Vacuum boring under sidewalks and driveways

Roofing vacuum


Pump priming

Culvert cleaning

Drilling fluid remediation


Machine cleaning, coolant, oil, and cuttings cleanup

Central vacuum power source

Vacuuming flammable and corrosive materials

Vacuum loading and conveyance

Dust and fume collection

Sandblasting and painting

“Hogger” for rapidly creating a vacuum in large vessels

Vacuum drying


Keyhole excavation for repair and maintenance

Cathodic protection

Soil degassing

Service installations

Valve and vault cleaning

Vacuum duct cleaning and cable pulling

Installing Utility Poles

Engineering / Surveying

Utility Locating

Inspecting buried utilities

Pumping vaults

Cleaning catch basins before a survey

Foundation inspections


Clearing bores of utility conflicts

Spill cleanup

Vacuum remediation

Drum filling of contaminated materials

Other Uses

Arborist tree maintenance

Vacuum extraction for hydrocarbon wells

Car wash sump cleaning

Grease trap cleaning

Railroad maintenance and ballast vacuuming

Playground maintenance, mulch removal, and installation

Drilling fluid remediation


Animal waste and bedding clean up

Feed transfer

Sump and Pit cleaning

Pond cleaning

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