Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

7 X Energy Services

A & L Underground, Inc.

A. Osborne

Aaron Environmental

Acton Michelson Environmental,

Adams Trenching, Inc.

Advanced Boring Technologies

Advanced Contractors, Inc.

Advanced Environmental Solutions

AES Remedial Contracting LLC

Afftrex, Ltd.

Akkerman Inc.

Albemarle Co Service Authority

Alpha Leak Detection Services

Ambient Tech.

Amec Civil LLC

American Construction & Supply

American Directional Boring

American Leak Detection

Anderson & Wood Construction

Apex Underground

Aquifer Drilling & Testing, Inc.

Arizona Excavating

Arizona Pipeline Co.

Baltazar Contractors Inc.

Bar C Construction, Inc.

Baskerville-Donovan, Inc.

Bates & Associates, Inc.

Baton Rouge Water Co.

BBL Environmental Services, Inc.

Bechtel Bwxt Idaho, LLC.

Bechtel Nevada Corp.

Bechtel Savannah River, Inc.

Bellingham DPW

Blount Sikes & Associates

Bodine Construction Co., Inc.

Bonneville Construction Co.

Bonneville Industrial Supply

Bowyer-Singleton & Assoc., Inc

Brandenburg & Associates

Brooklyn Union Gas

Buckeye Pipeline

C. B. C. Enterprises, Inc.

Cable Engineering, Inc.

Cable Line, Inc.

California Utilities Locators

Carolina Contractors, Inc.

Castle Equipment Corp.

CCU, Inc.

Celtic Directional Drilling

Central Industrial Maintenance

Charles S. Whiteside, Inc.

Cherry Hill Construction, Inc.

Cheyenne Light Fuel & Power

Chipley Contracting

Cimarron Drilling, Inc.

City of Lafayette

City of New Martinsville

City of Rome

City of Vero Beach

Clairstone Construction

Clary & Associates

CMAC Construction

Coastal Environmental Group

Cochise Co. Hwy & Floodplane

Coluccio Construction

Columbia Gas Of Pennsylvania

Columbia Geotechnical

Columbus Engineering Cons.

Concast Corporation

Conejo Pacific Technology

Consumers Energy Company

Corman Construction, Inc.

Corrpro Companies Inc.

CPF Underground Utilities, Inc

Craig A. Smith & Associates

Creta Construction

Cruz Bros. Subsurface Locators

Curtis & Sons Construction Inc.

CVA of South Florida, Inc.

D & L Telecommunications, Inc.

DACA Environmental, Inc.

Dekatherm, Inc.

Del Wardlow

Devcom, Inc.

Direct Push Analytical

Ditch Witch Mid-South

DKC General Eng. Contractor

Dominion Virginia Power

Drake-Scruggs Equipment, Inc.

Drew Asphalt Paving, Inc.

Dyer, Riddle Mills & Precourt

E. B. Spencer Engineering Co.

Earth Tech, Inc.

Eastcom Associates, Inc.

Ed Garrow & Sons, Inc.

Engineering Support Services

Environmental Field Service

Environmental Remediation Cont

Evanco Environmental

Exelon Underground Const.

F & ME Consultants

Felix Associates, LLC

Fibertec Environmental

Flippo Construction Company

Florida Power & Light Company

Fountain Engineering, Inc.

Franklin Co Contractors, Inc.

Ft. Pierce Utilities Authority

Fugro Consultants LP

G. L. Howard, Inc.

Genesis Group, Inc.

George & Lynch, Inc.

Georgia Cable Construction

Geospec, LLC.


Gilbert Southern Corp.

Glacier Drilling, LLC

Gleason Construction Co., Inc.

Glen J. Vaillancourt

Glenn Drilling


Grade South, Inc.

Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc.

Greensville Correctional Ctr.

Gregware Equipment Company

Grindstaff Underground Utility

Ground Hound Detection Service

H & H Electric Co.

H. L. Pruitt

H. R. Electric & Engineering

Harbour Capital Corp./Salcha E

Harford County Treasury

Hawaiian Dredging Construction

Haz-Probe, Inc.

Heuer Utility Contractors Inc.

Hi-Line Utility Supply Co.

Hill Corp. Inc.

Hy-Power, Inc.

Inframap Corporation

Institute of Gas Technology

J. D’Amico, Inc.

J. Marion Bryan & Sons, Inc.

J. V. Bailey Co., Inc.

J. Willis Smith & Brother, Inc.

J.J.D. Contracting, Inc.

Jack L. Massie Contractor, Inc.

Jay Crutchfield Construction

John J. Brennan Construction

Jones, Wood & Gentry, Inc.

JTS Construction

K & P Utility Contractors, Inc.

Keystone Pipeline Services

Kinsley Construction

KTI Utility Const. & Maint.

L. E. Bell Construction Co., Inc.

Labarge Bros. Co., Inc.

Lafarge North America

Lancaster Municipal Gas

Lauris Construction

Leaf River Telephone Company

Leet Enterprises

Lincoln Electric System

Lochrane Engineering, Inc.

Lockheed Martin Idaho

Lohrer Construction Co.

M & M Backhoe Services, Inc.

M. A. Engineering Consultants Inc.

Maloy Construction, Inc.

Mangus Enterprises

Mankins Construction

Martin Geo Environmental, LLC

McNally/Kiewit Joint Venture

Merck & Co., Inc.

Metric Engineering

Midway Services, Inc.

Mighty Fine Carwash

Miller Pipeline Corp.

Minger Construction, Inc.

Missouri Public Service

Mizzy Construction, Inc.

Mlaskoch Utility Construction

Mole Works

Mountaineer Gas

Mueller Distribution Contr.


National Cable Construction

National Fuel Gas

Nebcon, Inc.

Nelsons’ Pipeline Co., Inc.

New Life Cable Services, Inc.

New York State Electric & Gas

NFG Distribution Co. Corp.

Northwest Natural Gas

NPL Construction


O’Leary Construction, Inc.

Oliver Communications Group

Oliver Enterprises, Inc.

Online Communications

Orion Construction, Inc.

P & T Mechanical


Paramount Supply Company

Parker Enterprises

PBM Constructors, Inc.

PCA Engineering, Inc.

PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.

Perstorp Compounds, Inc.

Philadelphia Gas Works

Pinner Electric, Inc.

Pipe Dream Services

Platte Canyon Water & Sd

Pow-R-Mole Sales & Service

Pro Shot Directional Boring

R. A. Waffensmith & Co., Inc.

R. Norton Company


Rag Emerald Resources, Inc.

Railway Drainage Limited

Remediation Vacuum Systems Inc

Reynolds Fence & Guard Rail

Reynoldsburg Water Dept.

Roanoke Development, NC.

Rochester Gas & Electric

Ruben Fence

Rural Electric

Russell Lauststen

Saf-R-Dig Utility Surveys, Inc.


San Luis Obispo Coast District

Scana Services

SCANA Services, Inc.

SDF Construction

Sedam Contracting Corporation

Seminole Tribe of Florida


Shackell Telecom

Site Engineering, Inc.

Site Improvement Associates


South Buffalo Electric

Southeastern Survey & Mapping

Southern Environmental Service

Southern Restoration Services

Southwest Gas Corporation

Southwestern Underground

Spring & Associates, Inc.

St. Elizabeth Medical Center

St. Lawrence Gas Co., Inc.

St. Paul – Ramsey County

Stantec, Inc.

State of Utah Department of Transportation


Sturgeon Electric

Suburban Pipe Line Co., Inc.

Suburban Remodeling Corp.

Summit Cable Contractors, Inc.

Summit Drilling Company, Inc.

Sunoco Logistics

Superior Environmental Corp.

Swann Construction, Inc.

Syrus L. Bowen Construction Co

T & T Pipeline Co., Inc.


Cardno, Inc.

TCCS, Inc.

Texus Telecommunications, Ltd.

TGB, Inc.

The Care of Trees

The Dirt Guys, Inc.

The Locators, Inc.

The Repair Works

Thomson & Co.

Thornton’s Service

Town of Pennington Gap

Trevi Icos

Trico Electric Cooperative, In

Tricon Contracting, Inc.

Troy Construction, Inc.

Turko Corporation

Turner Underground


Underground Pipelines, Inc.

University of Illinois

Unlimited Locating, LLC


Utility Boring, Inc.

Utility Exposures & Location

Utility Maintenance Contractor

Utility Services & Associates

Utility Solutions, LLC

Utility Technologies Itn’L Cor

V. C. Huff, Inc.

Valence Corporation

Virginia Power

W C Roberson Plumbing & Const.

W. C. Spratt, Inc.

Wales & Associates

Washington Co Service Authorit

Wave Tech, Inc.

Westinghouse Savannah River Co

Wilks Construction, Inc.

Withers & Ravenel, Inc.

X-Ray Locating Service, Inc.

Yankee Gas

Yellow Jacket Drilling

Young’s Communications Co. Inc

Zellen Associates, Inc.

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