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Utilivac® Portable, Powerful and Efficient
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Utiliscope Corporation

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Utilivac® does much more than soft excavation. Here are examples of jobs Utilivac® Systems are currently performing:

  • Valve box and meter pit cleaning
  • Roof cleaning and dewatering
  • Digging splice and repair
  • Contaminated soil vacuuming
  • Sludge vacuuming
  • Concrete demolition cleanup
  • Slurry and mud cleanup
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Gas line encapsulation
  • Cable pulling
  • Manhole pumping/vault cleaning
  • Sacrificial anode burial
  • Utility adjustments
  • Utilivac Systems

    Traditional air-vacuum systems need large, high horsepower (and delicate) vacuum pumps, complex filtering, cyclonic separators and a stand alone air compressor to operate the air lance (air knife). The introduction of the VE-75 changed all of that because it operates from a single 185 CFM air compressor making it the most portable and reliable system on the market today.

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    "No one is more sold on the value of vacuum excavation equipment than the people who use it"