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Utilivac® Portable, Powerful and Efficient
Dry Vacuum Excavation

The dry air-vacuum method is definitely the preferred system with those who have experience with vacuum excavation and they know that a four inch inlet vacuum system is by far the most practical size for ease of operation and efficiency. Three inch systems are extremely prone to clogging, while six inch systems require large amounts of horsepower. A four inch system must develop at least 800 CFM of vacuum flow in order to be effective at lifting heavy materials like rocks. At the same time, pulling liquids and thick slurries requires high vacuum. The Utilivac® System is designed to provide both. Air flow of 850 CFM and vaccum of over 22" mercury produce impressive results.


Utilivac® does much more than soft excavation. Here are examples of jobs Utilivac® Systems are currently performing:

  • Valve box and meter pit cleaning
  • Roof cleaning and dewatering
  • Digging splice and repair
  • Contaminated soil vacuuming
  • Sludge vacuuming
  • Concrete demolition cleanup
  • Slurry and mud cleanup
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Gas line encapsulation
  • Cable pulling
  • Manhole pumping/vault cleaning
  • Sacrificial anode burial
  • Utility adjustments
  • Utilivac Systems

    Traditional air-vacuum systems need large, high horsepower (and delicate) vacuum pumps, complex filtering, cyclonic separators and a stand alone air compressor to operate the air lance (air knife). The introduction of the VE-75 changed all of that because it operates from a single air compressor as small as 185 CFM making it the most portable and reliable system on the market today.

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